Land Titles

Understanding the land and the resource rights.

Land titles help facilitate transactions and to use the land as collateral for a loan.

Anytime land passes from one owner to another it is recommended that title insurance be drafted for both buyer and seller. This can be standard title insurance that accompanies most real estate transactions. However, in the case of investment properties for resources or for large tract rural and hard to access land, it can be a lifesaver to make sure the legal bounds are well defined before the purchase. 

This is even more important when resources like timber or other agricultural and mineral rights are up for sale. It’s crucial to have a clear view of the exact nature of what natural resources are being transferred along with the land itself. 

Raw resources can include their own titles, and just because you own the land does not always mean you have legal rights to the resources on that land. This is why we recommend drafting extensive land sale titles when resources are involved.

Make sure your extraction rights are legally protected.
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